Cristiano Ronaldo receives a Flashback card in Ultimate Team

Cristiano Ronaldo receives a Flashback card in Ultimate Team

Flashback cards have been a huge success in FUT Ultimate Team and all indications are that EA Sports will continue to produce more cards of this type for players who have greatly changed their performance, for better or for worse.

Now it’s Cristiano Ronaldo’s turn. The Portuguese player has received a Flashback card that, honestly, is much worse than his normal gold card, as it has certain shortcomings that will not allow him to perform as he does with his well-known card.

However, the Flashback card is still interesting because it shows us another type of forward. A Cristiano Ronaldo with the RW position who will be able to exploit his speed down the right lane, just as he did during his early years at Manchester United.

Is the Cristiano Ronaldo Flashback card worth it?

In terms of pace and acceleration, this card from Cristiano Ronaldo is as good as usual. His 89 acceleration points and his 93 sprint points make him quite a fast player and if we use Hunter’s chemistry we can make his speed reach the maximum level.

In addition, this card also has 85 stamina points, which will allow you to take advantage of Ronaldo’s speed from the first and until the last minute of play. You will be able to take advantage of the exhaustion of the rival defenses in the last minutes.

However, his first great weakness is his lack of strength. With just 69 points, Cristiano Ronaldo can be knocked down very easily by medium-sized defenders if they hit him, making him very unreliable for melee duels against defenders like Virgil Van Dijk or Sergio Ramos.

There is no doubt that his 1.87 meters height can be deceiving and make him look like a strong player at first glance, but the truth is that once the opponent realizes his low strength, he will find a way to mark him more effectively, beyond that he has good dribbling points.

This card is not effective in front of goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s big drawback is his lack of efficiency when shooting at goal. He alone has 78 finishing points and 81 shot power, which makes him an unreliable forward.

In addition, the player only has three bad leg stars, so it will also be quite difficult for him to score a goal with his left leg, further limiting his game.

Finally, this Ronaldo card has a very poor pass under 80 points and will generate many turnovers against defensive opponents.

In conclusion, this card from Cristiano Ronaldo is a far cry from the gold version of him, so you can sell FIFA coins onlineat U7BUY and used them for a better thing. It is better to opt for other cheaper players with similar characteristics.

FUT 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.