2.The Double Tap
3.Beware Of Bathrooms
4.Wear Your Seat belt
5.No Attachments
6. The Skillet
7.Travel Light
8.Get A Kick Ass Partner
9.With Your Bare Hands
10.Don’t Swing Low
11.Use Your Foot
12.Bounty Paper towels
13.Shake It Off
14.Always Carry A Change Of Underwear
15.Bowling Ball
16. Opportunity Knocks
17.Don’t Be A Hero(later crossed out to Be A Hero)
18.Limber Up
19.Break it up
20.It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint, Unless It’s A Sprint, Then Sprint.
21.Avoid Strip Clubs
22.When In Doubt, Know Your Way Out.
24.Use Your Thumbs
25.Shoot First
26.A Little Sunscreen Never Hurt Anybody
28.Double Knot Your Shoes
29.The Buddy System
30.Pack Your Stain stick
31.Check The Backseat
32.Enjoy The Little Things
33.Swiss Army Knife

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