CDC has an interesting plan when it comes to zombies but in all honesty it’s all about natural disasters. Today we’re going to give you a check list of the things you might want to review in the case of a Zombie outbreak or any other disaster.

1) Bug Out Bag: I’m sure all of you know what it is or have one.  We did a post where we go into further detail on what items can be placed in the BOB and how to classify them. Weapons are included here. CLICK HERE

2) What’s your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan? Sit down with the members of your family and go over your plan. Make sure you set up rally points and time frames if you ever get separated. Remember one plan is not enough! You need to have Back up plans just in case things don’t go as expected.

3) You might have phone service so make sure your cell phone is charged.  Make sure you know all your emergency contacts. Have a list of important numbers in your area and other important numbers out of your local area/state that you would need to call for information.

4) Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas or as close to it. You might want to have an extra gas can just in case.

5) Plan Your Evacuation Route. Make sure you avoid major freeways and places that most likely unprepared people will use. Use back roads, shortcuts, and other routes that you might think will be useful if you desire to leave. Sometimes Leaving your home is not a wise decision, try to weigh the pros and cons of such a move. As always make sure you have back up routes just in case you meet unexpected incidents such as blocked roads.

6) Communication. Tune in to the news. Make sure you get information from various sources. During times of chaos conflicting information will get sent down the line. Expect to hear 3 million versions of what’s going on and 10 billion places of where it’s happening. We had our lesson when Osama Bin Laden died. Major News Networks went crazy and posted all sorts of conflicting info like “Obama Bin Laden dead”. Try to get your info from credible and reliable sources.

7) Keep Calm and Maintain a Positive Attitude. A lot of people focus on the gear but not on the psychological factor of it all. During times of stress it’s important for you to have your head straight and remain focused. If you are the leader of your family or group, you will be the person directing and helping others understand what’s going on. Their emotions will depend on how you conduct yourself. Freaking out is not the way to go.

8 ) Based on where you live you might need to carry out a specific plan that’s not covered here. There’s people from places all over the world with unique circumstances. Make sure you cover all your bases depending on where you live.

9) One of the most important things that not too many people think about. Learn how to effectively improvise when it’s needed. In a “battle zone” where there is constant change you will need your brain and all your wits to improvise your way out of danger or make split second decisions. Sometimes preparedness is not enough. Improvise, Adapt and Overcoming obstacles will probably be your best weapon.


As always “Keep Calm and Kill Zombies”


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