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Welcome to Medical Monday!

Today’s Topic is: Maggots :)

Maggots are nature’s cleaners. And our best friends if we find ourselves in a world where there are no more hospitals or too few doctors to help everyone.

Maggots eat only dead things. They leave living things alone. They just don’t like the taste of the living. Also, their excrement is an antibiotic. You see, bacteria compete with maggots for dead (and dying) flesh. The maggots live in their wastes which also stops bacteria from growing. You see, the maggots are greedy motherfuckers that want all of the dead flesh to themselves. We can use this to our advantage.

When someone has a wound that is about a week old and it starts getting all nasty (pus-filled, red streaks, a rotten smell) because you didn’t follow my instructions on how to properly clean a wound, then you have use of maggots. Find something that is already dead (I’m sure that will be easy in an apocalypse) and take the maggots. Then, sprinkle them on the wound. The maggots will essentially clean away the dead flesh, kill the bacteria, and when they are done, they will fall off in search of more food, as they will not eat healthy tissue.

You will have to then take care of the wound and keep it clean until the body heals it. Cover it with wet gauze (only on places that don’t have skin…once it grows skin, make sure no wetness touches it!). Some antibiotic cream wouldn’t hurt. And if it starts showing signs of infection again, just get some more maggots!

Moral of the Story: Maggots are not disgusting when you’re dying!

♥, Samantha





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