Zombie Children! Ankle Biters! These wonderful things will probably kill many people. The reason is that children are a tough kill. I know, I know…. You are a stone cold killer but unfortunately when you’ll have one in front of you just staring you’ll probably second guess. Imagine running up on a Day Care full of these things! Holy Shit! I’d prefer to avoid Zombie Children at all costs.

Things to consider with zombie children:

1) Harder Target due to size.

2)  They can hide anywhere! Small Cramped Places, Places you would stick your hand in thinking it’s safe etc. Check Under the Bed! These little Fuckers are probably hiding down there just waiting for you to pass and grab your leg and bite you. Game Over for you.

3) You will hesitate to shoot one. Let’s face it, zombie kids and babies no matter what they are will still be hard to kill. Don’t hesitate to the point you get screwed over.

4) Women are more emotionally susceptible to dying from one of these things especially if they are or were mothers. Motherly Love I think it’s called.

Other than The Walking Dead and some Zombie Movies we never get to experience what could be the emotional trauma of killing a zombie kid or baby. I’m sure it’s up there in the shit list. If you noticed in the post I referred to them as things or objects. That’s one way to start preparing yourself. If you view them as a human being and not as a zombie then you will probably have a tough time. If not make sure you have an experienced Zombie Child Killer in the group like Rick Grimes. He seems to kill Zombie Kids left and right and wakes up the next day asking for pancakes.

Till Next Time. See ya. – Tim-


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