Since Most of you don’t live in Russia like the woman in the picture and/or not a Yeti the cold will be a problem. Now some of you might already know everything I am about to share and some of you live in warm climates so you don’t need to know this however for those of you who are not familiar with this but will be traveling to cold reigns or have the mindset that come zompocs going to the cold climates to escape the zombies is a good idea you will need this. The rest of you might consider this a refresher.

Now it doesn’t take a genius or even a Yeti to realize that the two main parts of the body that need the most warmth are your head and core or trunk (no not as in elephants). So then naturally your body is going to take steps to make sure your brain, heart and other vital organs get the warmth they need to keep you alive.

Blood gets sent to your head at a greater rate in an attempt to keep that brain of yours warm. Result your cheeks and other areas get redder. Then in an attempt to reduce further heat loss and to increase the warmth where it’s needed the blood flow to your hands and feet is reduced. Result your hands and feet get cold.

Then your body starts trying to make more heat, Muscles when they work they produce heat that’s why when your cold you shiver that’s your bodies way of working some of your muscles to generate a little more heat.

Eventually in an attempt to keep your core systems running it will divert blood from the remaining areas namely your brain. You will likely start to feel tired and you likely even have the urge to sleep. If this happens you must fight that urge otherwise you might just lie down and not get up.

I am not medically trained and so these are just observations I have made over the years mixed with lessons I have heard taught by others.


Until next time Yeti

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