Everything in your house can be a potential item of destruction against the undead. Sometimes it takes some improvisation and creativity to come up with things that can be helpful during a Zombie Apocalypse. This Axe Table although not made specifically for a Zombie Apocalypse brings to light many fascinating things we can do with furniture.

That boring same old question that you have about what do I have in my living room if Zombies suddenly invade out of nowhere is solved by having a table with a set of 4 axes as legs. You can use the table to block a window and you have a set of 4 axes to fend yourself from the living dead. Although this table doesn’t seem to look like the axes will work after tearing it apart, most likely a home made one would do the trick. Imagine having a Machete Table Lamp? Or a Katana Ceiling Fan? The possibilities are endless…. :)


Picture: Duffy Woodsman Axe Coffee Table. More Info Click HERE


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